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The Very Best Cheap Eats Venues In Luang Prabang

Laos has entered the top 5 of the cheapest cities in Asia in 2022 as stated by 
Vientiane Capital was ranked in the 1st position while Luang Prabang was in the 4th.
If you are wondering where to find cheap eats venues, check out our selection in this article. 

For most, traveling to a foreign country means exploring a different culture, and food has a huge cultural part. Yet, you don’t want to be stuck in bed or worse because of indigestion or food poisoning. 

When preparing the broth for noodles Lao people love to use a lot of sugar, salt, and MSG! it gives it a better flavor as they say. Coriander and chili peppers are another must-have in Lao cooking. If you order a meal at any Lao joint, don’t forget to specify “no spicy” if you are intolerant. On average in Luang Prabang, a local dish will cost up to LAK 25.000 or $1.7 

Hereafter, are a few well-known top-rated restaurants where you can eat safely. Click on the links to get more information about those places.

Asian Like Cheap Eats Places

ຮ້ານ ໝີ່ເປັດ ທ. ອ໋ອດ – Duck noodle soup Mr. Hod

Chaleunphone restaurant 

Puck Luck Kitchen

Phoneheuang Cafe

Western Like Affordable Venues

Viva Pasta 

Break for a Bread

Seb Seb Restaurant

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