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Stay Out of The Crowd: 2 Retreats In Luang Prabang

Anyone would acknowledge Luang Prabang as a synonym for peace of mind. 
Locals and travelers are at ease, untroubled, and serene.  
Yet have you ever wondered where are Luang Prabangers driving away to take a break?  

Afar from the city. To commune with nature.  

South-West of Luang Prabang, a 30-minute lift brings you to Nakhaohorm Farming Resort.  
This charming rural retreat is run by locals eager to share their lifestyles. There, you are surrounded by infinite rice field horizons. 
If you are lucky, you might join a group of young folks to sing and tell stories around a campfire.
Later you can stay overnight or head back to the city. 

On the other side of the Mekong, Chomphet district. After a worthy 20-minute ride on an absolutely pristine road, Green Jungle Park makes you rediscover nature.  
The 25ha domain compounds 2 waterfalls and a 1,500 species botanical garden.  
In addition to ziplines, you can enjoy the company of elephants or relax by the swimming pool. 
A perfect day well spent with friends and loved ones. 
Then at night, you have the option to get accommodated in tents or in bungalows 

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