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VIENTIANE DOG PARADISE is the very first dog center that provides Dog Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Doggy Playground, Dog Pool and Dog supplies with many imported brands in Vientiane, Laos.
In order to raise a happy, confident, friendly dog, your puppy must have the chance to meet as many other dogs ans people as possible. Early socialization is crucial to your puppy’s development. These classes allow your new family member to meet and play with other puppies in a safe member to meet and play with other puppies in a safe, controlled environment and learn basic command at the same time !
This course helps you and your dog to develop the skills needed a harmonious relationship. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Learn how to teach your dog to SIT, LIE DOWN, STAY, HEEL, COME WHEN CALLED, and other useful day-to-day commands!
Build on the skills you developed in Basic Training with Advance Training. Teach your dog to behave in a variety of distracting situations that you may encounter while out with your dog. Learn how to teach your dog to LEAVE, OBEY DISTANCE COMMANDS, FIND, STAY WITH DISTRACTIONS, OFF LEAD HEEL WITH DISTRACTIONS, and many more!
Learn hoe to teach your dog a variety of interesting tricks to amuse your friends and family with! Great for providing mental stimulation and for bonding with your dog. Amongst others, learn how to teach your dog to PLAY DEAD, ROLL OVER, CRAWL, GIVE HIGH FIVES, SPIN, and many more!
Agility is a fun, high speed activity that is ideal for high energy dogs and anyone wanting to improve their bond with their dog. You will train your dog to complete a canine obstacle course as quickly and accurately as possible. Dogs need to be at least a year old to attend Agility and should have a good level of basic training.
Working with your dog to develop the necessary skills for your dog to be well behaved and welcome in restaurants, the park and on the bus. With three certificated levels to complete “BRONZE”, “SILVER”, and “GOLD” you will continue to improve your bond with your dog and their behavior! Open to dogs who have already achieved a basic level of training.
Whether a short or long term resident, rest assured your dog will receive the individual care and attention that they need to be happy, relaxed and entertained. Our team of dog lovers will give your dog plenty of love, and they will also get to enjoy:
-Our 3 custom designed dog playgrounds included dog swimming pool
-Air conditioned rooms (cleaned at least twice a day)
-Supervised exercise at least twice daily
-A comfy bed (or you can bring your own)
24/7 security
-Access to veterinary care if necessary
-One-to-one training with our certified dog trainer if desired (additional charge applies)
Dogs are social animals and need plenty of mental stimulation. Now your pet can come and enjoy a great day out while you’re at work, and return home content and relaxed.
Doggy Day Care includes:
-Plenty of time playing in our custom designed dog playground and pool.
-Air conditioned room for quiet time and meals.
-Certified dog trainer and experienced staff always available.
*Dog Playground
Struggling to find a safe environment to let your dog blow off stream and play off-lead? Look no further! Our 3 custom designed dog playground and pool is well stocked with toys so you can enjoy playing with your furry friend, or simply watch as they race around with their doggy pals.


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