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Laos Buffalo Dairy is a remarkable social enterprise that operates as a sustainable farm with a strong commitment to improving the welfare and prosperity of rural communities in Laos. The farm focuses on buffalo farming and childhood nutrition, aiming to address the prevalent issues of malnutrition and other challenges faced by the local population.

The primary mission of Laos Buffalo Dairy is to bring about positive changes in local agriculture. They achieve this by implementing various initiatives, including:

1. Improved Genetics: By focusing on breeding and raising high-quality buffalo, the farm aims to enhance the overall productivity and health of the buffalo population in the region. This not only benefits the farm but also improves the livelihoods of local farmers who depend on buffalo for their livelihoods.

2. Vaccinations and Veterinary Care: The farm places great importance on the health and well-being of the buffalo. Through regular vaccinations and expert veterinary care, they ensure the animals are protected from diseases and maintain their optimal health.

3. Animal Husbandry: Implementing best practices in animal husbandry ensures that the buffalo are well cared for, leading to healthier and more productive animals.

4. Nutrition Program: One of the significant challenges in Laos is the high rate of malnutrition, especially among children. Laos Buffalo Dairy tackles this issue through a nutrition program that aims to provide balanced and nutritious food options to the local community.

To support these initiatives, the farm engages in the production of dairy products on-site. The production of dairy products not only provides a sustainable source of income for the enterprise but also contributes to improving the local food supply and nutrition.

Laos Buffalo Dairy also leverages tourism as a means of support for their social mission. Tourists visiting the farm not only have the opportunity to learn about buffalo farming and dairy production but also contribute to the social impact of the enterprise through their visit.

In addition to revenue from on-site production and tourism, the farm also relies on workaways to particpate to their various projects and initiatives, ensuring a continuous positive impact on the local community.


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