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Established in 2018, Master Cut is the first professional hair salon in Luang Prabang.

Master Cut, situated in Baan Mano, directly opposite the entrance of the pagoda, stands as a prominent salon at the intersection. This establishment offers hair-cutting services, an uncommon find within the vicinity of Laos. The discovery of Master Cut was facilitated through an online search, and the salon’s reputation appeared promising. Upon arrival at approximately 7 pm, prompt attention was granted. The experience commenced with a swift hair wash, skillfully administered by a courteous female staff member, followed by a haircut executed by Pepsi, an experienced barber with years of expertise. His friendly and conversational demeanor added to the overall welcoming atmosphere, while his proficiency in the art of barbering was evident. The service included a skin fade, and a complimentary hair wash was provided. The cost for the services amounted to approximately 150,000 Kip, though the precise figure eludes memory. For individuals seeking a haircut in the vicinity, I wholeheartedly recommend Master Cut as a suitable and reliable option.


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