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Barber’s Street, located at the intersection of the Monument of President Souphanouvong and the route leading towards Kiridara on National 13, is a notable focal point in Luang Prabang, Laos. This area comprises around ten barbers stalls, identifiable by the characteristic sight of hair tied together, suspended outside the shops. The establishment caters to both male and female clientele, offering affordable and efficient haircuts for less than 50,000 kips and facial shaving services at a standardized rate of 10,000 kips.

The local barbers on Barber Street play a crucial role in the community, providing a space for grooming and social interaction. Their swift and skilled approach to hairstyling ensures clients receive quality service in a timely manner. The collective ambiance of the street, marked by friendly interactions and bustling activity, reflects the communal spirit and cultural significance of this traditional practice.


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